Commercial Litigation

Saul Marine & Co can advise directors of property companies as to how to resist and set-aside receivership of their companies

Advising companies as to how to recover large debts and to successfully defend successful counterclaims

Representing a family in suing for damages to the foundations of their property following building works by the local highway authority.

Defending individuals to prevent bankruptcy where they have a counterclaim against the petitioner for bankruptcy.

Advising individuals as to cross claims against their bank for breach of their banking duties to them.

Advising clients to take out injunctions in the High Court to stop Defendants taking funds out of the jurisdiction or dissipating assets.

Advising a client to claim damages against their home insurer where the insurer claims that there had been a misrepresentation and non-disclosure.

Advising a client in relation to claiming damages against the insurer where the insurer had to failed to pay out as a result of alleged dishonesty on the part of the client.