Property Litigation

Boundary Disputes

Saul Marine & Co can advise a client on conflict resolution for examplewhere a neighbour has encroached onto the land of our client and where the neighbour seeks to take part of the land of our client.

Advising a client who seeks to claim adverse possession of land.

Advising a client where her home was sold as a result of fraud and impersonation of herself and her late co-vendor.

Advising client where the Trustee in Bankruptcy is seeking to take possession of their home as their co-owner has become bankrupt.

Advising a client on their rights of ownership where their interest has not been recorded at the land registry .

Advising an individual who is seeking to set aside a mortgage because they did not sign the Deed and their signature was obtained by forgery.

Advising a client to defend a claim that she had entered into binding contract for the sale of her property when the contract contained words she did not use and was forged.

Advising a client who is seeking to set aside a mortgage because she was mentally ill at the time the contract was signed.