If you want a Solicitor, it is usually because you have something specific that requires their services. Reaching our website probably means that we specialise in the very help you need. We’re sure that if you commission us as your Solicitors, you will have made the right choice. But how can you be sure? Here are some areas that the Law Society suggest that will help convince you:

Know your client

We know all of our clients and their business well. If we take you on as a client, we will want to get to know the nature of your business too.

The work and what it will cost

We would want to discuss the work you want us to perform.

If we felt uneasy about any of this or were not qualified to act, we would tell you up front and where possible suggest more appropriate actions.

  • We will tell you what is realistic and set out the steps needed to achieve the desired result.
  • We will tell you the hourly rate and if appropriate, the fixed price fees.
  • We will keep you informed on the amount of costs being spent.

Our job is to …

  • help you win, not be a legal commentator on proceedings
  • expedite the problem
  • explain things using plain language without legal jargon
  • use modern technology to expedite process but we never lose sight of the value of face to face meetings
  • continue to support your business as it develops

When you commission us, we will send out our terms of business and complaints procedure, so you know exactly where you stand.

We recognise that most people, whether for themselves or as a business, continue to use the same Solicitor. Our aim is not only to continue to act for all our clients, but to be more competitive than our London based competitors by offering better and more experienced services at less cost which delivers the right legal results.

To do this, we monitor with you whether

  • our advice was useful and successful
  • the outcome served your best interests
  • our’s is an economic service
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