Disrepair Claims

Both Landlord and Tenant need advice as to either how to defend a disrepair claim or in the case of tenants how to bring a successful disrepair claim against the landlord.

Possession Claims

Claims by private landlord either buy to let or otherwise for possession of their property. We act on behalf of Landlord or Tenants in either taking possession claims or defending possession claims. Up-to-date knowledge of the most relevant rules following the Covid pandemic are essential and we have acquired the specialist knowledge.

Landlord Unlawful Eviction

A Landlord can be responsible for unlawful eviction by a tenant where damages can be extremely high. Landlords need commercial and quick advice in connection with these types of claims and how to avoid large claim for damages.

Landlord Deposit Claims

Often landlords are not aware of the rules in relation to protection of a rent deposit and can face claims of three times the deposit by way of an independent damages claim by the tenant.

Tenant Unlawful Eviction Claims

Tenants who have been unlawfully evicted need urgent and expert advice as to how they can claim damages against the landlord. On occasions advice also needs to be given as to whether they can claim an injunction reinstating them to the property.