We are members of the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme for ten years and have extensive experience in dealing with residential property matters in the following areas.

Freehold and Leasehold Purchases/Sales

We will deal with all types of sales and purchases of differing values.


Voluntary Lease Extensions

Leases that are below 85 years need to be extended so as to preserve the value of the Lease. We will act on behalf of both the freeholder or the leaseholder where they have voluntarily agreed the lease extension.

Right To Manage

We will advise leaseholders as to their rights to manage the block and take control of management from the freeholder who might either be neglecting their duties or issuing management invoices and service charge invoices at great expense.

Transfers of Equity

We will advise property owners in relation to Transfers of Equity – either bringing a member of family onto the property ownership or changing ownership percentages in relation to property. Advice will also be given as to how these changes impact on your mortgage company or Lender and if redemption of the mortgage is required.

Deeds of Variation

Advice is required to be given if existing leases are defective and a deed of variation needs to be entered into to cure the defect.

Equity Release

Clients generally over the age of 55 will need advice if there are trying to complete an equity release and advice needs to be given to them to ensure that they understand the process.

Our Fees