Trustee in Bankruptcy Claims

We have on occasions represented the trustee in bankruptcy in relation to possession claims for property where the owner of the property has become bankrupt. Conversely, we have also represented third parties in these types of claims such as the bankrupt proprietor’s wife or civil partner as to their rights against the Trustee.

Insolvency Claims

We have given advice to companies who face insolvency proceedings.

Bankruptcy Cases

We have advised clients who either faced bankruptcy proceedings as to how to avoid an order of bankruptcy and how to deal with the statutory demand which is issued prior to the petition.

Debt Enforcement

We have advised companies or individuals as to how to enforce and obtain County Court judgments and how and to choose the best method of enforcing that judgment either by way of a charging order or instruction of the bailiff. We also advised individuals or companies who face enforcement debt procedures and how to successfully defend or deal with applications for debt enforcement against them.