Boundary Disputes

Clients often consult us in the event of a neighbour changing the boundary line either as a result of changes in the fencing or extensions that are being built. In these types of cases clients need urgent and cost-effective advice and possible resolution to avoid bad neighbour relations. Advice needs to be given in a sensitive way as clients can become emotional even if the land in question is small.

Rights of Way

Advising clients in connection with a right of way dispute either as a result of a shared drive or exercising rights over land.

Adverse Possession

Advising clients as to how to make an “Adverse Possession” claim where the owner is missing or, in the case of an owner who is not missing, where you as our client have exercised rights over this land and now wish to claim ownership.

Service Charge Disputes

Clients often need advice where they face unfair service charge disputes or inflated charges for works to leasehold property. We can advise as to tenants’ rights of challenge in the First Tier Tribunal.

Property Insurance Claims

Clients can sometimes face a situation where an insurance company refuses to pay out in relation to a property damage claim or offers a smaller payment not giving the client full compensation.

Parking Claims

In light of more development in the UK, parking is a hot topic and the loss of a parking space or parking spaces can cause considerable disruption either to private use of the property or commercial use. Using landlord and tenant and property law principles, we can advise on parking claims and how to enforce rights in the Court either as the property owner claiming parking rights or as an individual claiming rights.

Forgery Cases

Clients can sometimes need advice in situations where property documents have either been forged or documents signed without authority. Property fraud is on the increase and cases sometimes arise where either a person has been impersonated in a forgery claim or documents have been forged.

Building Claims

Often clients are required to be advised where a builder has not carried out the contract properly and need advice as to how they can exit the contract and employ other builders where there has been a breach. Also, advice may be necessary to be given as to how to defend any claim by a builder for non-payment.

Mobile Phone Masts

We will act for the Commercial Property owner where the roof of his premises has been let out to a mobile phone operator and is unable to agree terms for the renewal of the Lease or agreement for the use of his commercial roof space.

Statutory Lease Extensions

We will act on behalf of either freeholder or leaseholder where they have been unable to agree a lease extension and statutory notices are required.

Leasehold Enfranchisement

We will advise leasehold owners in a block as to their rights to enfranchise and own the freehold and take control over service charges and works.