Partnership Disputes

Often partners can fall out in a partnership either as a result of disagreement as to how the partnership should continue or as a result of any other factors.

Company Disputes

Shareholders in a company can fall out and sometimes need advice as to how to exit the Company without further liability. Shareholders or directors sometimes also need advice as to their liabilities in the event of claims by third parties against company property.

Insurance Claims

We have on occasions been asked to advise clients in relation to claims against insurance companies for damages as a result of a failure to pay out under the insurance contract due to misrepresentation or nondisclosure.

Freezing Orders

Businesses or individuals sometimes need urgent advice as to how they can protect their assets or protect a claim for damages in the event that the defendant seeks to dissipate their assets or move assets out of the jurisdiction. In that case urgent advice is needed to be given as to whether a claim for an injunction can be made protecting the dissipated asset.