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Employee lawsuits are time-consuming, costly and lead to a drop in morale generally in the workplace, even for those not involved. So, here are the seven employment law secrets to reducing employee lawsuits.

  1. Well drafted employments contracts. Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, there is a statutory requirement on employers to draft Particulars of Employment within two months from the start of the employment. Failure to comply can lead to a penalty payment from 2 to 4 weeks pay ordered by the employment tribunal. Setting up a well drafted employment contract provides the framework for the employment relationship and avoids misunderstandings and future problems.
  1. Review your disciplinary and grievance procedures to ensure they are compatible with the new employment law. These are essential as they set up a framework for any grievance, so that employer and employee know exactly where they stand in the event of a grievance.
  1. Identify whether more relaxed, informal attitudes to deal with problems of work is more effective for your business. Informality and easy approach to management can lead to an early resolution and avoid the escalation of the problem.
  1. Consider having mediation in your internal employment and grievance procedures. An employee may become disillusioned if they feel a grievance is not going their way. Having an independent mediator gives them a feeling that their problem is being considered objectively. I am also an independent Mediator and can help with workplace mediation.
  1. Train your managers to deal with problems at an early stage to avoid them escalating. Many problems at work can be nipped in the bud if grasped and grappled with early, before they become large problems.
  1. If resolution has failed, consider using ACAS, a government conciliation service who conciliate about 1000 cases per year with 90% success rate for resolution of the claims.
  1. Employment law booksFinally, if all else fails get expert advice from an experienced Employment Solicitor. They too will seek a resolution of the claim at an early stage, saving costs and time. This is where we can assist.

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