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In this video interview, Saul Marine goes over the latest updates in regards to Property Law and possession of your rental property. Here is a There have been some exciting developments in Parliament in particular the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill which was introduced in the House of Lords of the 12th of May [...]

All about Boundary Disputes and how to resolve them

In this video interview, Saul Marine - Principal Solicitor - Saul Marine and Co. Solicitors, discusses Boundary Disputes and how to resolve them.

Update on COVID-19 Regulations on Property Transactions

This is a short video an update on how covid regulations are affecting property transactions and how it affects the buy to let landlord, where they are letting a property out. So, in relation to property transactions, we, of course, have the stamp duty relief period up to the 31st of March 2021, which [...]

Property Rights During COVID-19

As a dictation of this article the current restrictions announced by the government on 26 March 2020 still apply in terms of lockdown. The Government have announced some minor changes on the 10th May but these are very small changes. The government entered into a raft of legislation and statutory instruments following the imposition of [...]

Top tips as to how COVID -19 Can affect your legal rights and how to deal with these.

Generally speaking, home moves into occupied property should only take place where contracts have already been exchanged and it has been proved impossible for the parties involved to agree a deferral. In the case of an occupied properties it may be possible to exchange contracts and complete simultaneously provided that the contract provides some form [...]


TIPS AND TRAPS At the current time, most tenancies currently in existence are Assured Shorthold Tenancies ( AST )The general rule was that it was relatively easy to obtain possession on service of the section 21 notice on an AST but a number of changes in the law have made the whole process extremely difficult [...]

Right of Way

A right of way is a type of easement that is likely to affect everybody in their day to day life. For example, a road or path that allows a person to pass over another’s land. ‘Dominant land’ is the typical term used for the land that benefits from an easement and ‘servient land’ is [...]

Is the freeholder responsible for noise nuisance caused by an upstairs neighbour?

We have found more and more cases coming before us where tenants are complaining of noise caused by upstairs neighbours. Some buildings are not well insulated and don’t have good sound installation. Often it is difficult to sue the tenant upstairs because they may not have the means to satisfy any Judgment and the law [...]

Shareholder Agreement – a Necessity

The importance of having a well-prepared shareholder agreement can’t be overstated. In practice, I have come across many situations where my client and another investor have set up a business only to find that after some months one of the investor ceases to participate and then the non-interested investor seeks to claim a return on [...]

The Legal Impact of Brexit on the Buy to Let market.

What impact will Brexit have on the property market and buy to let market? The government is slowly working out how to react to the Brexit vote. There has already been a significant impact to the commercial property market due to the volatile financial and economic conditions triggered by the decision to leave the EU. [...]

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